You win some... You loose some... And yet we can still inspire the next generation!

It’s coming home, that is at least until it went to Rome. For the past few weeks, we have been a nation behind our football team. Proud of the lions making the first major final since 1966. It was a bitter defeat in the final but as someone who’s come from sport you soon learn there is only one winner. As disappointing as it is I would like to say congratulations to the Italian team on their win. I would also like to say that I am as proud of lions now as I was when they first walked on the pitch. They should be proud of everything they achieved and as a nation we should be proud of them too.

Its easy to think that’s the end, we lost, but we can make this just the beginning. A young England team with much more to give, all with bright futures ahead and inspiring the next generation. To all the parents and coaches out there, teach them to be gracious in defeat, to learn from their losses and their errors just like I know our lions will. Teach them to be kind to themselves when they do make errors, it happens to us all, that’s how we learn. Let them always play to win, to respect the opposition their out to win too and to respect the referees, they’re only doing their job and yes sometimes they will call it wrong, they can only see it from their angle. Teach them to dream big and to fight for their dream, because it won’t come easy, all the top players will have had bumps in the road along the way. Most importantly teach them to have fun and to love the sport they do.

As a parent, remember there are many sports they can choose. Not being good at or not enjoying a particular sport doesn’t make them ‘not sporty’ let them experience multiple sports. Rowing is not a sport you will see on the national curriculum for example it’s a sport we see as a private school privilege, yet up and down the country are local rowing clubs, along with many other sports club’s children don’t get to experience in school. Boxing, cycling, martial arts, golf, trampolining, diving or even ice hockey for example. At 6ft tall I’d never make a good jockey or gymnast even which suit those of a shorter stature, but my long leavers were the perfect attribute for rowing.

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