Leg Injury

Recovery from Injury

When a sports injury occurs it can feel like you've fallen down a deep ravine and suddenly you've found yourself at the bottom.  It can be a long arduous task to scramble back up to original sporting path you were on.  It can be a long and lonely process with unexpected twists and turns along the way. 


Mentally it can be a difficult process and the Rehab package has been designed to support your mental wellbeing during your rehabilitation.  During the six weeks you will cover things such as setting a new routine, creating a positive mindset for recover, eliminating fear of the skill that lead to injury and confidence to push your body again.  The sessions will be tailored to the individual needs of the athlete.

Relax and Recover for Sport

This class runs weekly online via zoom

It can help accelerate healing and recovery and is the perfect partner for your rehabilitation programme.



Friday 8pm

more classes coming soon


Rehab Package

This package includes six one hour sessions and 10 Relax and Recover for Sport sessions.  More detail can be found on the mindset packages page

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