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Accelerate Your Recovery

As an athlete getting your recovery right is vital whether that be between training or following a competition.  A bit of preparation goes a long way when it comes to recovery, especially on competition days.  You don't want to be scrabbling around after a hard race, so why not plan ahead, get all your recovery items together in a bag so you can get straight onto your recovery.

In addition to getting the right recovery, you can also help to accelerate your recovery with theta meditation.  Relax and Recover for Sport classes help to guide you in to this theta brainwave state which accelerates healing and recovery, alleviates muscle soreness and fatigue and boosts immune function.

Through this class you will become more aware of how your body feels, meaning you can pick up on any niggles earlier.  This allows you to flag these up with a sports physiotherapist or coach and prevent possible injuries. 


When you recover well you are able to train more consistently accelerating your performance progression.

Relax and Recover for Sport

This class runs weekly online via zoom

so not only can you can improve your recovery at home but also when your away at events or on training camp.



Friday 8pm

more classes coming soon

Meditation by the Beach

Private Classes

Private classes can also be booked for your sports club or gym.  A minimum of 12 athletes is required and dates will be subject to availability.


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