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Sports Hypnosis and Mind Coaching

Sports hypnosis as a performance enhancing tool is used across a wide range of sports.  It differs from sports psychology in that it works directly with subconscious mind, many theories are adopted in both sports hypnosis and sports psychology.   Its common when working on a conscious level to overthink things, to perhaps find the answer you think your coach or sports psychologist might want to hear.  Working on a subconscious level brings more clarity and you often find answers you would not otherwise have thought of.  Sports hypnosis has many benefits,



Having spent much of my time at elite level sport I know from personal experience that everything you do effects your performance so as an athlete we do everything we can to eliminate any negative’s from eating right to sleeping well, which is why it’s important for me to look at every aspect of an athletes life.  If you are a person that finds it difficult to sleep, improving this could help you to train more consistently, improving your performance. Similarly if you are eating the wrong foods, or excessively control food intake especially but not limited to weight controlled sports this can have a huge impact on your performance.  If you fall into that category it is important to seek advice and support from a qualified sports nationalist alongside working with your sports hypnotist. 

A sports coach will help you with your programme to become fitter, stronger and more technical, all this is essential to your performance.  Working with a sports hypnotist and mind coach can help you to reframe your psychology, enhancing your mind to work at its best to push your body limits both in training and during competition.

  • It can help to reinforce sporting goals

  • It can help athletes to handle nervousness

  • It can help to manage stress in high pressure environments

  • It improves concentration

  • It eliminate distractions

  • It assists in controlling pain

  • It increases performance motivation

  • It improves bodily awareness

  • It can accelerate recovery

  • Areas We Focus on Include

  • Developing and sustaining confidence and self worth

  • Creating and holding a performance focus

  • Consistently performing under pressure

  • Becoming a more resilient performer

  • Handling setbacks - Injury / being dropped / not selected

  • Transitions - Academy to U21s to 1st team / New club

  • Creating High performing teams. 

  • Leadership Development

  • Developing psychologically robust environments

  • Handling success - how do you manage this? How do you repeat it? 

  • Help with managing emotions and the 'hold' they can have over your concentration and what you focus on. 

Developing Athlete Confidence

Sport can be brutal, and from time to time its easy for an athletes confidence to be knocked.  That alongside the fact that learning new skills is a process from not having any idea how to do it right through to it becoming second nature.  Some skills can be challenging at times at athletes can often begin to wonder if they will ever master it.

Hypnosis can provide positive suggestion to boost confidence whilst also working through the areas they need to in order to feel more confident and self assured.

Improving Focus


Developing Confidence for Media

Media interviews can become a reality overnight for some athletes.  While successful athletes feel comfortable and in control within their sports setting this is not always the case when it comes to media attention.

Hypnosis can build your confidence so you feel comfortable and in control 

during media interviews.  Confident to deflect unwanted questions and clear in the information you wish portray

Transitioning up to the next level

Stepping up to the next level in your sport can be daunting for some athletes.  You may even question your ability to perform with stronger more experienced team mates or opposition. 

Hypnosis can help you to identify your strengths that got you to that level.  It can also help you to address the areas you need to improve in to progress through this level.  Improving confidence and ability


Developing Athlete Confidence


Improving Focus


Developing Confidence for Media


Transitioning up to the next level