Sports Performance - GB Lightweight Rowing Trialist 

Laura has really helped me to perform to my best in a high performance environment, increasing myself belief, confidence and changing my mindset and the way I approach to competition in ways I had never considered.  The benefits I have taken from our session go beyond just the scope of sports performance but that strengthened mindset carry's over into everyday life

Guided Meditation Class - Relax and Unwind

I joined one of Laura's online relaxation classes. I found this really relaxing and calming. I love that you don't need to attend every week. I can just pop it in my diary when I have a free evening. Laura is really calming and I have already recommend her to my friends via social media.

Phobia - Sharks

Laura has helped me with my phobia of sharks. My phobia was so bad I couldn't look at photos, nor say the word. Now when I have one pop up on my social media, I now smile and no longer throw my phone away. I will definitely require further sessions to reach my dream of going down in the cage with one, one day. But already this is a massive step forward for me.

Sports Performance - GB Rowing Trialist 

Working with Laura has been so helpful in allowing me to relax and fully switch off for a much better sleep. We’ve also incorporated a focus on building confidence and self-belief in how I approach the competitive nature of my sport; rowing. I feel in a much better state of mind to take on the next racing season.

Relax and Recover for Sport - University Netball

I feel so refreshed after the Relax and Recover for Sports class.  My training has become more consistent and has continued to improve since starting the class.  Its great to just relax after a hard week of training.

Pain Management - Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis Suffer

I wanted to see if hypnotherapy would help with the pain from my fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and I was so pleased with the result.  I am now able to manage my pain much better without quite so much medication. 

Guided Meditation Class - Relax and Unwind

I found the sessions very relaxing and comforting. Being isolated from friends and family due to COVID I was starting to feel anxious. I really like being able to book on the day and can join in without the pressure of booking in advance